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These are the most-read articles that I’ve published, as at 4 June 2019:


  1. In search of the elusive gay or bisexual male tennis player


  1. A Quick Guide to Australian LGBTI Anti-Discrimination Laws


  1. Not so fast. Dean Smith’s Marriage Bill is deeply flawed

About the reasons why the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017 was not genuine marriage equality.


  1. 12 LGBT Athletes I Admire Most


  1. 28 Reasons to Vote Yes on Marriage Equality


  1. The Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill is Unacceptable

About the problems with Senator George Brandis’ marriage bill.


  1. How Dare You

About proposals by Liberal-National MPs and Senators to add more discrimination to Dean Smith’s Bill, even after the postal survey.


  1. 7 Better Ways to Spend $158.4 million

About the wastefulness of the proposed marriage equality plebiscite.


  1. The Longest Five Years

About my experiences at a homophobic religious boarding school in Queensland in the 1990s.


  1. Liberals Claiming Credit for Marriage Equality Can Get in the Bin


  1. Bill Shorten, It’s time to honour your commitment on marriage equality

Asking the Opposition Leader to vote against any amendments that didn’t deliver genuine marriage equality.


  1. It’s Not Over Yet

Written before the final week of the parliamentary debate on same-sex marriage legislation.


  1. Dear Joe Hockey, $245 million for School Chaplains? You Cannot Be Serious


  1. Why we should say ‘I don’t’ to religious exceptions for civil celebrants


  1. What. A. Waste.

About the pointlessness of the postal survey that simply confirmed what everybody already knew: the majority of Australians supported marriage equality.


  1. 7 things we need to do now

Written in the lead-up to the marriage equality postal survey.


  1. No, we don’t have marriage equality yet

Even after the passage of the Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Act 2017, Australia doesn’t have genuine marriage equality.


  1. 7 reflections on the marriage debate


  1. Senator Leyonhjelm’s marriage equality bill undermines the principle of LGBTI anti-discrimination. Should we still support it?


  1. Back to School, Back to Discrimination for LGBT Students and Teachers


  1. The robo-debt letter that should be sent

To Coalition MPs and Senators who wasted $80.5 million of taxpayers’ money on the unnecessary, harmful and divisive postal survey.


  1. The last major battle for gay & lesbian legal equality in Australia won’t be about marriage

It will be the fight to remove religious exceptions to LGBTI anti-discrimination laws.


  1. Scott Morrison is Unfit to be Prime Minister

Based on his record on LGBTI issues as Immigration Minister, Treasurer and his first nine months as Prime Minister.

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