Mark Latham’s Anti-Trans Kids Bill: What you should know

The Educational Legislation Amendment (Parental Rights) Bill 2020, introduced into NSW Parliament by One Nation MLC Mark Latham, is the worst legislative attack on LGBTI rights in Australia this century.

The following posts explain the serious threat posed by this legislation, as well as make the argument to NSW Parliamentarians why they must oppose it (although sadly, at 25 February 2022, neither the Perrottet Liberal/National Government, nor the Minns Labor Opposition, have publicly committed to voting against it):

I Stand With Trans Kids, and Against Mark Latham

NSW MPs can be champions for trans and gender diverse kids. Or bullies.

NSW Liberal Parliamentary Secretary for Education Supports Bill to Erase Trans Kids

Friends, Jagged Little Pill and Transphobia in the NSW Legislative Council

Surprise!* Mark Latham’s Inquiry is just as unbalanced and transphobic as his Bill

If you thought the Religious Discrimination Bill was bad, wait til you hear about Mark Latham’s anti-trans kids Bill

Letter to Dominic Perrottet re Mark Latham’s anti-trans kids Bill

This page will continue to be updated (including after the Government’s response to the Inquiry Report, which is due by 7 March 2022, is released) as the fight against this awful attack on trans and nonbinary kids goes on.