Marriage Equality & Religious Exceptions / #equalmeansequal

In 2016, we had to fight long and hard to stop Malcolm Turnbull’s unnecessary, wasteful & divisive plebiscite on marriage equality.

In 2017, we may end up devoting just as much time and effort to make sure that, whenever marriage equality is finally introduced, it is not undermined by the inclusion of new special rights to discriminate against LGBTI couples simply because of who they are.

This page will include my key posts on the subject of marriage equality and religious exceptions, including the #equalmeansequal campaign.

Perhaps the most important post is this summary of the Turnbull Government’s exposure draft marriage amendment legislation, and why it does not offer the prospect of genuine marriage equality:

In early 2017, this Bill was considered by a Senate Committee, with the following post written to encourage LGBTI community members to make a submission:

And this was my personal submission to that inquiry:

I also coordinated a petition to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, demanding equal treatment for LGBTI couples. This included the petition itself:

And then a letter to the Prime Minister, delivering the petition and including the comments of those who had signed:

In August 2017, as the issue of marriage equality returned to centre stage, I also wrote the following post urging people to ensure that any reform is actually marriage equality, rather than something lesser:

And in October 2017, I analysed Liberal Senator Dean Smith’s Marriage Amendment (Definition and Religious Freedoms) Bill 2017, only to find that it might give us marriage, but it won’t deliver marriage equality:

Of course, marriage equality and religious exceptions is not a recent issue. In 2014, Liberal Democrat Senator David Leyonhjelm’s Freedom to Marry Bill also included new special rights to discriminate. In response, I posed the following question:

In early 2015, I then wrote to Labor Party MPs and Senators calling on them to reject the discriminatory provisions of that legislation:

Finally, during the hard-fought anti-plebiscite campaign, in April 2016, I issued the following warning on this very topic:

Unfortunately, this looks like being a fight that will consume a lot of our energies over the coming 12 months. But it is fight we must take up, because #equalmeansequal.