LGBTI Vilification

One of the issues that I am most passionate about is the introduction of laws to protect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) Australians against vilification.

Currently, only four jurisdictions – New South Wales, Queensland, Tasmania and the ACT – have outlawed some types of anti-LGBTI vilification.

Despite the Commonwealth’s protections against racial vilification (as featured in section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975), there is no equivalent protection for LGBTI people in the Sex Discrimination Act 1984.

This page will bring together my main posts campaigning for the introduction of LGBTI vilification laws where they don’t exist, and the improvement of them where they do, beginning with the most recent:

Malcolm Turnbull, If you want to ‘strengthen’ anti-vilification laws, here’s something you can do

Submission to Inquiry into Freedom of Speech in Australia

Submission re Tasmania’s Proposed Anti-Discrimination Amendment Bill 2016

Letter to Paul Lynch re LGBTI Anti-Vilification Reform

Will NSW Reforms Prioritise Racial Vilification at the Expense of LGBTI Vilification?

Don’t Limit Racial Vilification Protections, Introduce Vilification Protections for LGBTI Australians Instead

NB This last piece was also adapted to an opinion piece in the Star Observer: Where’s the LGBTI Equivalent of Section 18C?