As an LGBTI advocate and activist based in Sydney, and someone who was previously the Policy Working Group Chair of the NSW Gay & Lesbian Rights Lobby, I have written a number of letters and submissions about LGBTI law reform issues in New South Wales. This page brings together my key posts on this subject, with many of these issues also summarised here:

More specifically, I have written several articles about the need to improve the NSW Anti-Discrimination Act 1977, which was the first gay anti-discrimination legislation in the country, but now offers arguably the worst protections against anti-LGBTI discrimination in Australia:

It also includes two posts specifically on the need to modernise anti-vilification coverage under the Act:

Another issue to be the topic of multiple articles was the repeal of the ‘homosexual advance defence’ or ‘gay panic defence’ in NSW criminal law:

And finally a number of other posts on a broad range of other topics: