Did You Know?

For many Australians, including some more-privileged cisgender and endosex members of our own community, the fight for LGBTI rights ended with same-sex marriage.

Of course, nothing could be further from the truth.

This page seeks to educate readers about the many LGBTI reforms which are yet to be achieved, including some about which they may not be aware.

It will be progressively updated over time (including hopefully removing subjects if and when those battles are finally won).


Did You Know? South Australia Still Hasn’t Abolished the Gay Panic Defence


Did You Know? The NSW Anti-Discrimination Act Doesn’t Protect Bisexuals Against Discrimination


Did You Know? Trans People in NSW and Queensland Still Require Surgery to Update Their Birth Certificates


Did You Know? Most Australian Jurisdictions Don’t Prohibit Anti-LGBTI Vilification